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Script to setup a Sublime Text 2 editor for Drupal development (Mac & Linux)

The installer include plugins and settings to configure the environment in order to speed up the Drupal Development process.

Plugins Included

* = Only available for MacOSX

Installer requirements

After save a JS file a validation is executed using JSLint, JSLint needs Node.JS/ installed on your system.

How to install

  • Install Sublime Text 2 from
  • git clone
  • cd sublime-drupal
  • chmod +x
  • ./

Installation Notes

Drupal Coding Standard

To use the Drupal Coding Standard plugin you have to install before PHP Code Sniffer , you check the installation process at

Drupal Auto Compelte

To use the Drupal Auto Complete, you need to create a SublimeProject and save the project definition at the drupal document root where index.php is located

Key Binding

  • CTRL + Shift + t: Delete the trailing spaces
  • CTRL + Shift + f: Reindent selected code
  • Super + Shift + a: Go to Drupal Api definition of selected function
  • Super + Shift + h: Go to documentation of selected function for languages PHP/JS and others
  • Super + b: Validate Drupal Code Standard in current file
  • Super + Shift + e: Execute verification of errors
  • Super + Shift + Option + k: Jump to previous Git modification
  • Super + Shift + Option + j: Jump to next Git modification
  • Super + Shift + 1: Reveal file in SideBar
  • * CTRL + Command + t: Open a Termimal or iTerm2

* = Only available for MacOSX

Super Key stands for Command in Mac, Windows Key in Windows and CTRL in Linux

Orginally forked from