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Custom RSS Reader enabled import custom image field + REST Services build with Silex micro-framework


If you want to try the output of this REST Server, you can test by yourself at


$ git clone silex_rss_importer



Execute inside the clone folder the command

$ cd silex_rss_importer
$ composer install

The command above will download silex mini-framework and RSS Client library.

For information about how to install composer go to


All installed by Composer


  • RSS Importer with Image support
  • DB storage for imported items
  • REST GET Method to fetch items in JSON format with optional date filters
  • Implemented a custom RSS Processor to enable custom imagen field
  • Implementd a custom RSS Parses to enable custom image field (not enabled)


Use the file in config/setting.yml.dist to create your own version of setting and name the file settings.yml.

Check the settings sample file

    driver: pdo_mysql
    host: localhost
    dbname: time_closeup
    user: root
    password: root
    charset: utf8
    url: ''

  1. Created a DB and put credentials in config/settings.yml
  2. Configure your webservices to point to web folder as document root

For quick test you can go to web folder and run php -S localhost:8000, after that just write localhost:8000 in your browser.


RSS Import : Access URL http://localhost:8000/rss/import REST JSON GET:

All Items : http://localhost:8000/rest/covers
Filters: http://localhost:8000/rest/covers/2014-04-01/2014-04-25

Enable CORS

If you are planning use this REST server as source of data for other domains you must to enable the requestor or open for any requestor. The function to acomplish that feature is at the end of web/index.php

$app->after(function (Request $request, Response $response) {
    //$response->headers->set('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*');
    $response->headers->set('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', 'http://localhost:8081');