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"Plato Típico" is a distribution based on pressflow.

This distribution comes from the need to optimize the process of getting started new projects, each time you beging a project there are always some things that you have to do over and over again, those typical steps during the installation and configuration. The idea is that using the distribution "Plato Tipico" you can improve productivity assuming the initial configuration process.

Preconfigured system with multi-language support for English and Spanish, supports automatic localization, WYSIWYG using TinyMCE with support for Spanish, and basic features required for any website.


You can find the Drupal Releases at

If you're a fan of Github you can download it at

Drush Install

If you are comfortable with drush make the make file build-plato_tipico.make can be used to build plato_tipico with the command drush make --prepare-install build-plato_tipico.make plato_tipico