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Location: Australia

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Audience: Citizens, Communities & NGOs focused on strengthening democracy.

Community Tool for generating a digital profile of the candidates where citizens can report actions taken by the candidate successes and failures.


  • Ability to create political parties
  • Ability to create public job candidates belonging to a political party.
  • Ability to store the candidates proposed
  • Possibility to compare candidates proposals on specific topics.
  • Users can report achievements, failures, legal proceedings or sentencing processes of candidates or political parties, this reports are called references
  • Each citizens can vote like or dislike for one candidate or party
  • Ability to share the profile of a candidate, party or reference.
  • Ability to make comments about a party, candidate or reference
Replicating the experience: Open Politic is a Drupal distribution that allows any person anywhere in the world, implementing a site for your local or national elections. Open Politic use Drupal theme Transparency.


You can find the Drupal Releases at

Drush Install If you are comfortable with drush make the make file build-openpublic.make can be used to build openpolitic with the command drush make --prepare-install build-openpolitic .make openpolitic


Please feel encouraged to contribute code, tutorials, screencasts, and other documentation for OpenPublic. Please email us at for more information.