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Mini Clone of using MarionetteJS as Front End and Drupal as Rest Backend.

This implementation use the project as Rest Server.


$ git clone

Libraries used.


Marionette Waterbed


  • Enable Filtering by Date Range
  • Enable Filtering by Price Range
  • Display Results and Position in Google Map
  • Option to see details of property.


After doownload you must configure what is your Rest Server End Point, this definition must be located in file js/main.js. Check the following example

// Setup Drupal API Information
Backbone.Drupal.restEndpoint = {
  root: '',
  dataType: '.json'

If you want to use Waterbed outside the domain of your Backend Server, you must enable CORS in your Rest Server and enable Authentication using Backbone Drupal. See the following example.

// Define auth object, set crossDomain if is necessary
var Auth = new Backbone.Drupal.Auth({crossDomain: true});

// Optional Start authentication process for REST ADD/PUT/DELETE
// If credentials are valid the token will be use in further connection
var auth_status = Auth.login('admin', 'admin');