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Last week I had the opportunity of participate in my 6th DrupalCon and my second European DrupalCon.

But, to be honest, this one is the most important DrupalCon for me until now, I know the first one it's always especial, but in this case, represent a lot for me, because the relevance as speaker in this event.

I have been in a roller coaster of emotions since I was notified that my proposal to present as Community Keynote was accepted; Since that moment I have been working a lot to try to provide the best material I could do to try to share with the community my view and perception of global Drupal Community.

During my keynote, I talk about the tour Around the Drupal world in 140+ days and I present some proposals I think that could be implemented improve the engagement with the global community because right now I think we are an international community, but we need to be global.

Keynote resources:


Tour video: Chinese version

But, before the keynote, I participate as co-presenter with Jesus Manuel Olivas my business partner at weKnow.

Our first session was Drupal Console: An overview of the new Drupal CLI.

The second session was Learn the new things in Drupal 8 via debugging

The cherry on the cake were the B.OF.s Writing Moder CLI commands for Drupal 8 and Improving your Drupal 9 development workflow with Composer that Jesus and I lead during Drupal Con.

Last, but not least; I had the opportunity to participate in Code Sprints to try to advance in our goal to have the first release 1.0.0 stable for Drupal Console project.

In general, I am very satisfied with the comments and feedbacks from the Drupal community; Now I could say I have a lot of ideas to contribute via code and community hacks to try to improve as a product as well as a community.


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