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All good things come to an end, and this trip is not the exception. Yesterday I leave Mexico and back to home which is Heredia, Costa Rica where my family is waiting for me.

I had a mix of feelings happy, sad, fullness and emptiness, but certainly satisfy of complete a dream I had since a child, travel around the world in a similar way that did Phileas Fogg in the book Around the World in Eighty Days.

How was my return? well since I am Mexico with friends they say goodbye with an awesome Mexican breakfast to try 'Menudo' at a restaurant named Museo de Mexicali, they built a western town around with all old pieces, quite picturesque I have to say.

Later on, I took the first fly off two to return home in 10 hours travel to back home.

I was so happy to be abe to hug my kids, mother, and siblings, now I have to just my really, not back to reality because traveling is part of my reality and happily my family understands that part of me.


Distance (Kilometers)
Mexicali , Mexico → Mexico City , Mexico → San Jose , Costa Rica 4.123
Previously 58.521
Total 62.644


Distance (Kilometers)
Today 0
Previously 528
Total 528


Distance (Kilometers)
Today 0
Previously 2.944
Total 2.944


Distance (steps)
Sydney (today) 6.146
Previously 1.492.6167
Total 1.498.762


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