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Mexico in terms spirits is more than tequila, Jesus's family, organize a tour to the Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California.

To reach the area of Valle de Guadalupe, we had to cross the desert where literally there is nothing and I learn that a former huge lake Laguna Salada it's gone for about 14 years, but its still is google maps and other records as a massive body of water.

Close to our destination, we took a huge brunch in a Fonda named Casa de Doña Esthela, this place award a price and the Tastiest breakfast in the world in 2015 by FoodieHub; check what I had, no complaints.

With all batteries recharged, we visit one of the best wine farms in the area named El Cielo because this area is getting more and more popular as an important wine producer area in the World.

In El Cielo we walk about the grape fields and get an introduction to wine production process and, of course, some tasting.

In our route to return home to stop in a place named Case de piedra where we could talk nice picture of El vallecito part of La Rumurosa

Back home, we took the same highway to cross the desert, but at the middle, we realize that we forget to refill gasoline in the car, also there are no gas stations in the highway so we were facing the option of pull over and find a way to get some gasoline, fortunately Jesus in part of the trip use the mountain synergy to don't use the reserve gas to try to reach the close as possible to Mexicali, that plan work and we reach the gas station with enough oil only to 60 more kilometers more or less.


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