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This city is well known for their beaches, but due we are in the middle of autumn there is not a time to swim, just to see the place.

We visit the St Kilda beach and his pier; the view is beautiful. I discover a kind of a reservoir for Penguins at the end of the pier, every night after 9 pm they arrive to sleep in the rocks.

In the afternoon, my friend Andres Sayago prepare a Colombian dish named "Mute Santandearo". The friendship with Andres is a little weird; because we meet online about 15 years ago, and we continue talking about tech stuff over these years but never meet in person until last week, So I could say we were the digital version or Pen Pals


Distance (steps)
Tasmania (today) 10.033
Previously 1.342.531
Total 1.352.564


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