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Yesterday, we learned a little bit about Australian culture; we watched a game of the national sports Footy also called football, Australian football, or Aussie rules for foreigners.

The game was between St Kilda Vs Freemantle. The game is an intermediate point between soccer and rubgy, but the usage of the word football is accurate because they use a lot their feets.

Some interesting thing I notice:

  • Nine umpires
  • They have like coach assistances they can get on the field during the game to provide instructions.
  • The Waterboys are allowed to get on the field during the match.

In summary was a good game St Kilda defeat Freemantle 101 - 67, but was a vibrant play, I could say I enjoy it. In total, we were 17.927 attendees, but the stadium looks empty so the total capacity must be about 75.000.

To finish our day, we ate seafood noodles.


Distance (steps)
Tasmania (today) 6.187
Previously 1.336.344
Total 1.342.531


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