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Continuing with our exploring of Tasmania, we visited Port Arthur, famous or infamous because was a penal colony of the British Empire.

In the road, you could stop in many spots that have beautiful landscape of mountains, rivers, canals and of course, the ocean view. Port Arthur itself is a place pleasant to view. Also, you can take a ferry to appreciate the other islands surrounding Port Arthur and which also works as prison and cemetery.

Close we found the UnZoo, the whole concept of the zoo is around the Tasmanian devil, trying to avoid their extinction and also providing a space where animal could be as "free" as possible and humans could have as much contact as is possible.

In the zoo, you can also see other endemic animals like Kangaroos and other marsupials.


Distance (Kilometers)
Today 242
Previously 1.410
Total 1.652


Distance (steps)
Tasmania (today) 7.711
Previously 1.294.024
Total 1.301.735


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