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Early in the morning I departure with Yersika towards to Hobart, Tasmania until now the southern place in our life.

We flight to Hobart due the second option was a ferry of 12 hours, I didn't doubt the experience of doing this via ferry must be magical, we don't have that amount of time.

After landed in Hobart, we rented a car, my first time driving a car with the wheel on the right side; was a little daunting at the begging but with more and more kilometers it gets a little bit less scary.

Our day trip destination was totally random, after search for outdoor activities in Tasmania, we found interested visiting the Tahune AirWalk;

Tahune AirWalk is a pedestrian bridge located in a national park; When we arrive was drizzling, but its normal due it's a Rainforest area, using the bridge we could walk in the middle of the heights trees and appreciate the forest beauty and his landscapes.

Also, we can do a long walk in other trails for more adventures visitors.

Outside our primary objective, we stop by in couple towns to ate something and try to get the feeling of the area and in our return we could walk in Hobart downtown to get a little familiar to return tomorrow.


Distance (Kilometers)
Melbourne, Australia → Hobart, Australia 599
Previously 44.129
Total 44.728


Distance (Kilometers)
Today 213
Previously 1.197
Total 1.410


Distance (steps)
Tasmania (today) 12.723
Previously 1.263.343
Total 1.294.024


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