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Location: Australia

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Before to departure to Australia, I spend couple hours with my Indonesian friend Suryanto. Thanks to him I was able to visit Indonesia to meet a lot of awesome people. Thanks Suryanto for inviting me and help me with my visa process.

After having lunch in Bali I departure to Melbourne, Australia where I finally reunite with my wife Yersika.

Next weeks will be full of activities and sightseeing, but fortunately, I have my companion.


Distance (Kilometers)
Bali, Indonesia → Melbourne, Australia 4.446
Previously 39.683
Total 44.129


Distance (Kilometers)
Today 0
Previously 528
Total 528


Distance (Kilometers)
Today 0
Previously 1.197
Total 1.197


Distance (steps)
Bali & Melbourne (today) 5.187
Previously 1.258.156
Total 1.263.343


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