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Second day in Yogya as local call their city and day 97th in my [tour]( and finally I've got a cold, I just hope the pill I took help me to recover and avoid to have the flu in the last part of my trip.

But, with a cold or the flu, I have a mission to accomplish, explore the city. Fortunately, the folks from Skyshi guide me to couple place in Yogya.

Firstly, we had a brunch in a lovely Javanese restaurant, where we could enjoy some delicious dishes from local cuisine and talk about our countries to learn each other about our current situations.

Secondly, we visited the Ullen Sentalu Museum in theory is a museum about Javanese culture, but the reality is that it's a museum about the Sultan family, Yogyakarta by law have a governor, but is not elected the governor is the current Sultan.


Distance (steps)
Yogyakarta (today) 5.053
Previously 1.230.311
Total 1.235.364


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