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Second Drupal meetup in Indonesia, this time in Yogyakarta a small city according to Indonesian standards, but almost bigger than Costa Rica :P.

This meetup was organized by Skyshi a local Drupal workshop; The audience was really excited about seeing Drupal Console project running using the Indonesian language, at least partially.

In the meetup were some non-Drupal developers, from Joomla, Javascript, and Wordpress community.

During the day, I expend almost all my morning looking a shoe shop to find a replacement for my sneakers and testing the perfect ones, the ones I bring with me were of poor shape, due all the walking I do every day.

In sightseeing area, I visited the Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat part of the Sultan Palace. The Sultan is the Governor and the owner of the land in the region.


Distance (steps)
Yogyakarta (today) 18.869
Previously 1.211.642
Total 1.230.311


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