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Early in the morning I departure from Jakarta fro Yogyakarta, located in the same Java Island in Indonesia.

Due I will be only a few days in the city and tomorrow is Monday I try to visit the remote and important sport out the city, So I hire a car/drive to pick me up at the airport and start my personal tour.

Firstly, I visited the Prambanan compound; this complex is dated from 9th century. It's the biggest agglomeration of Hinduist temples in the world; this place is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The area is well preserved, and you can climb in the temples, I love this experience.

Secondly, I stop in Borobudur another 9th-century construction, but in this case is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world. The organization of this temples is extraordinarily complex and beautiful. Indeed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the end, I try to visit the Merapi Volcano Observatory⁠⁠⁠, but I couldn't because I arrive too late to try to walk the 4+ km trek and do something like that alone in the middle of Indonesia Jungle, looks like is not a smart idea even for me.


Distance (Kilometers)
Jakarta, Indonesia → Yogyakarta, Indonesia 431
Previously 38.710
Total 39.141


Distance (Kilometers)
Today 0
Previously 528
Total 528


Distance (Kilometers)
Yogyakarta Tour 156
Previously 890
Total 1.046


Distance (steps)
Yogyakarta (today) 18.659
Previously 1.192.983
Total 1.211.642


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