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Regarding Sightseeing, my day wasn't too much exciting, but not all days are the same.

To complete at least something related to the cultural department, I visited the Jakarta History Museum located in the old Jakarta where I could learn a little bit more of Indonesian history.

After visited the museum I just walk a lot in the area, just to explore the real Jakarta, which is few words Hot and Busy.

Happily, I found a random restaurant with a delicious Indonesian food and handsome enough to publish as #foodporn.

I finish my day with some Office work and an afternoon nap and a good meal for dinner.

Maybe the curious thing of they was the menu of the restaurant I had a dinner; the UX is old school and brilliant at the same time.


Distance (steps)
Jakarta (today) 11.246
Previously 1.160.724
Total 1.171.970


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