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To finish my short visit to Taipei, I decided to learn something about local and recent history, so went out into the National Museum of History of Taiwan.

The museum was OK, but the problem they used old ceramic, sculpture to tell their history. I am not said is not valid but wasn't the kind of history I was looking for; one acclamation is about the word old when I say old is old, several objects were label as made about six millenniums ago.

Fortunately, I have the company of the new residence Kering Corrales self-imported from Costa Rica, he could provide some comments about the beauty of the exposition, thanks for that.

In the afternoon I flu to Manila, Philippines to participate as Keynote and speaker in DrupalCamp Manila 2016


Distance (Kilometers)
Taipei, Taiwan → Manila, Philippines 1.163
Previously 34.756
Total 35.919


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Taipei, Manila (today) 11884
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