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As I mentioned before, Monday are hard for tourist, because usually many stuff to do are close, but it's especially hard if the Monday is a holiday and yesterday was a holiday due a Labor day celebration.

In order to try to see something different and open in a holiday, I went out to Tamsui witch is a town in north of Taipei where there is a port in the conjuntion of river Damsui with the ocean in the Taiwan Strait.

Parallel to the river there is a promenade with a bicycle route of about 10 km, I only walk about four kilometers to the end of the boardwalk where is locate the Tamsui Lover's Bridge in the Wharf.

In the afternoon, I meet with Kering Corrales a Costa Rican how to arrive on the same day as me, by coincidence and I noticed via Swarn. We met in Taipei 101 building, and he explains me his life project of a new beginning in Taipei including of course learning Chinese and studies Computer Science.

I skip the visit to the observatory deck, because the queue was hell long, I will return in two days just before departure.


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