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Another cloudy day in Taipei, so I skip again I had to postpone the visit to the Taipei 101 building. Instead of I visit today other temples.

My first temple was Xingtian Temple; I was surprised because again the temple was crowded and in the middle of a religious service, I expect some time just to feel the environment.

Later on, I visited the Taipei Confucius Temple, a beautiful complex that includes some artist performance some Asian instruments.

Almost in next door, is located the Baoan Temple which is the biggest temple in Taipei and declared as UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage in 2003.

At that moment, I was tired of seeing temples, and I want to do something more mundane; So against my rules, I decided to try to find a movie theater to watch Civil War the latest Marvel movie.

Using my phone, I found a movie theater near to a metro station, wasn't hard to find, but I was expecting a mall with a cinema complex inside, but instead I found and small and independent movie theater, happily I could check the film was available in English with Chinese traditional subtitles. Being sincere I have to confess that I always use English subtitles to watch a movie if it's not available in Spanish, but I could say I understand about 80% of the film.

Looking for something to eat I visited the Shilin Night Market a colorful place, especially regarding food variety; as a good tourist, I bought some stuff and ate in the traditional food court in the market.


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