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Hong is bigger than I expected, and some stuff I want to do required 2 hours travel each way, so I have to change my plans.

After reviewing my options I went out to Man Mo Temple which is a small but beautiful temple, actually looks like those millennial places we usually saw in Kung Fu movies

After lunch, I return to my place, to work a little bit with other Drupal Console maintainers. I share with them my idea of increase the level complexity in our introduction session for Drupal Console; they agreed and, I will use that starting in Drupal Camp Manila next week.

Later on, I walked in Nathan Street just to the environment and visited the Temple Street and Lady's]( markets, both places where do you could find anything do you have in mind, I didn't buy anything due I wasn't looking for something.

At night, I visited with Jackie and Kevin from Bootdev, Jackie's parent's house, where his parents prepare a delicious dinner using Hongkonese style.


Distance (steps)
Bangkok (today) 14.760
Previously 965.986
Total 980.746


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