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As I said before, for my Hong Kong is not China, for many reasons. First, one Hong Kong citizens don't have the same rights as other Chinese folks in the mainland ( Mainland identify areas outside Hong Kong and Macau). B. They have a different system of visas than Mainland and C. They are more English oriented than the rest of China.

Yesterday, I decided to don't visit a particular place, instead of I just visit some public spaces to feel the city, my first stop was in Kowloon Park a big green area in Hong Kong, which is weird, due the high prices of land. This place as I expected was full of Senior citizens practicing Thai Chi; the park is also used for cultural representation, and there is an Aviary in the middle of the park.

Later on, I went out to the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, The area is under construction, but the Promenade is still there, with a good view of Hong Kong, but Hong Kong was cloudy, so the pictures are not totally clear.

After that, I walked in direction to Tsim Sha Tsui to see the promenade located there and take a ferry from Victoria Harbur

In the other side is located the Hong Kong island, so I just roam between a network of bridges that connect upscale shopping malls, before to took a train to visit Dried Seafood Street located at [Des Voeux Road](]. I was expecting something like a Chinatown but was clean and organized, but the food of course very exotic.

At night, I met with my friend Jackie Chang from BootDev to have a dinner and later on see other folks for a Drupal Happy Hour meetup.

As always, was a great night with my friend Jackie.


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Bangkok (today) 22.426
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