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For about two months the temperature of place I have been visiting fluctuate between 1 Celsius degrees to 21 Celsius degrees; Yesterday I arrive in Bangkok, Thailand, and the weather punch me so hard, having a 32 Celsius degrees is not easy to less walk and more taxi in this part of my trip.

For my sightseeing, I follow a guide prepared by Michael Ledu a friend from NYC and married with a Thailand girl.

So, following his advice, I went out first into Jim Thompson House wich is an excellent tour of a somewhat traditional Thai house that is rare in Bangkok.

After that visit, I tried to walk but as I said before the heat was overwhelming, so I took a taxi to Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall. This museum is well organized and they have three guides tours, but it's literally a guided tour, room after room they have a person that explain to you what is the exhibition about, and they have devices to listed audios in English for the videos the present.

The list of tours are:

  • Grandeur Rattanakosin
  • The colorful Thai of living
  • The heart and soul of the nation

Indeed was a great introduction to Thai culture and their history.

Next, the museum I found the Metal Palace Temple a complex of halls and temples, the place is under restoration, but indeed in quite a beautiful

Walking around I found The Golden Mount which is a is a Buddhist temple in a mountain, that place provide a beautiful view of the city, and I like the option of playing giant gongs.


Distance (steps)
Bangkok (today) 15.002
Previously 865.569
Total 880.571


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