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After expending some time updating my slides about Drupal Console, I went out to try to see as much as possible of Beijing on my last day here.

Firstly, I visited the Yonghe "Lama" Temple the biggest Buddhist Tibetan temple in Beijing. In this complex, you could find several temple where people can pray with giants and small statues representing Buda and Buddhist.

My second stop include two places in one Temple of Confucius and Guozijian or Imperial Academy where are ancient buildings where the emperors and high officials were thaught for more that seven centuries and were you can learn a little bit about Confucius's life.

Finally, I visit the Temple of Heaven which is now a park where are located some places where the emperor pray to have a good weather and for harvest time among other rituals as animal sacrifices.


Distance (steps)
Beijing (today) 21.362
Previously 718.200
Total 739.562


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