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All my experience in Beijing have been during a long weekend that ends yesterday, but until now I have to say Beijing is extraordinarily crowded. At some moments I feel the overpopulation problem, not really in the subway, because there are a lot of wagons and very frequent, but outside is different, thousands and thousands for folks.

Yesterday the blue sky was gone, but nothing worsts that Shanghai. But, due yesterday is holiday my option were limited.

So I decided to check if Tian'anmen was open and it was, and I decided to visit the Tower. Something weird for me was that the security was quite more strict compared with the Forbidden City, looks like the Tian'anmen represent the current government, and the Forbidden City is just a tourist trap.

After finish, I just took a walk outside the palace around the canal that surround the palace.

To return to Tian'anmen square, I have to take a long and crowded queue again to past the security control. All important places around the plaza were closed due the holiday, but still were a lot of people like me taking photos of the places.

Behind the Mao mausoleum, I found the Zhengyangmen an ancient gate of Beijing and was open, so I did just to finish my tour.

I will return to the rest of places, but yesterday I found a shortcut with less people apparently we will see tomorrow.


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