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Leaving a city is almost a weird feeling in this trip, because, I have to leave behind a lot of fantastic people and in Shanghai I met a lot of good fellas.

On my way to the subway station, something itches in my brain; I didn't realise what it is until the last moment. What is that well I was about to going to the wrong airport. Shanghai has two airports the PVG I used this airport when I arrive and the SHA in the totally opposite directions. Fortunately, I double check, and I could fix my direction; otherwise, I will miss my flight for sure.

At Beijing airport, a member of Think Drupal the only Drupal workshop in Beijing pick up me at the airport and help me to reach my hotel.

At night, I meet with the rest of the team of Think Drupal, was a reunion, because, I meet Howard Ge 3 years ago in DrupalCon Portland.

As is expected we ended up in a Chinese restaurant to enjoy Chinese food Beijing style, but not any restaurant they invite me to Quanjude Peking Duck which a restaurant with a restaurant with a lot of history.


Distance (Kilometers)
Shanghai, China → Beijing, China 1.069
Previously 27.776
Total 28.845


Distance (Kilometers)
Today 0
Previously 549
Total 549


Distance (steps)
Shanghai/Beijing (today) 11.382
Previously 610.696
Total 622.078


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