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Day 59th of my trip and start with football, I watched online the qualification game between Costa Rica and Jamaica, Costa Rica defeats Jamaica 3 - 0 and is virtually qualified to the next round to fight for a seat in Russia 2018.

In the afternoon, I visited te Jing'an Temple which is a Buddhist template located in the heart of Shanghai.

At home, I found the order that Jackie Chang did for me in Taobao, so the order only takes about 36 hours, that was so quickly. I was having some issues with my computer backpack zippers, so I decided to buy a sleeve for my computer to throw my computer bag, and when I go back home, I will buy a new one and also, I bought a GoPro stick.

In total, I paid 50% of the price of the official GoPro stick for both products.

At night Yu Zhang invite me to have a dinner in his father home and was just amazing and I practice a little bit the few words I know in Chinese


Distance (steps)
Shanghai (today) 9.569
Previously 590.303
Total 599.872


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