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The organizers of DrupalCamp Chine arrange an informal trip to Zhujiajiao for international speakers.

The village of Zhujiajiao is an older city, found about 1700 years ago that preserve their architecture and bridges, with my shop to satisfy your Chinese fever of souvenir.

The most unusual activity we did was fish massage which consists in you putting your feets in a thank and little starving fishing try to eat your skin and of course, we took a trip in a boat.

We got a lunch next to the river and dinner in Shanghai was a lovely day where we have the opportunity to meet each other on a personal level, outside Drupal world.


Distance (Kilometers)
Shaghai, China → Zhujiajiao, China 46
Previously 503
Total 549


Distance (steps)
Zhujiajiao (today) 12.588
Previously 563.881
Total 576.469


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