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After a break to sightseeing, yesterday return to the road, my first stop was at Lu Xun Park, in this park is located the Lu Xun thumb, he was the most prominent writer of Chinese literature during their revolution.

The park was gorgeous, but, maybe the most impressive thing was some people doing Thai Chi and some local dance style that I can't identify.

After the park, I decided to go to the center and do some random walk, and suddenly I face a ferry service, and I decided to take that to wherever destination due it was so cheap I don't expect a long trip. In the other side, I realize the service was to cross the Huangpu River to the financial district, so I just walk around that and take a nice walk to the shore of the river.

As you maybe know I am a soup person and in Asia I am a noodle person, so I got a noodle and continued my way to meet with Clark who helps me to practice some Chinese words, and we share a coffee that I was able to order by myself thanks his guidance.

At the end of the day, I meet with Adam Malone, Felipe Rubim and DrupalCamp China organizers to take some drinks.


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Shanghai (today) 16.391
Previously 532.547
Total 548.938


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