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Yesterday I focused on preparing my slides for DrupalCamp China, before to pack to continue with my trip to China.

Also, I tried to catch with the Netflix show House of Cards.

As always I tried to get early to the airport, due, its and airport I didn't know. I use the Limousine Bus, which an express bus from Osaka station to KIX airport, was a 55 minutes trip. Caveats, they only allow buy ticket for the same day and only cash.

Fortunately, I get early in the airport because the immigration queue was huge, like 300 meters, and they create a maze to try to organize people, wasn't his first day doing that, because, the maze works.

In Shanghai, I made a huge mistake; I put on my phone an older sim card I have in my luggage from Vietnam, so I never could get connected. So was tough to get connected with Keith Yau.

Inside the station, I found a police station and they lend me the phone to call Keith girlfriend Becky, and they rescue me, after that we join with Jackie Chang in a restaurant, and I tried my first Hot Pot.

Until now, Shanghai looks like a big city of USA very modern and with good infrastructure. If you are wondering about air quality, everything looks ok, and I don't see anybody using masks.


Distance (Kilometers)
Osaka, Japan → Shanghai, China 1.552
Previously 26.224
Total 27.776


Distance (Kilometers)
Tokyo, Japan → Osaka, Japan 503
Previously 0
Total 503


Distance (steps)
Osaka (today) 5.242
Previously 498.679
Total 503.921


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