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Yesterday was my last full day in Osaka, and I decided to at least see the most prominent spot regarding sightseeing in Osaka, which is the Osaka Castle.

Also, I bought a lot of manga for my friends, and I was worried the condition of these books for almost three more months of traveling.

So I decided to send a parcel to my friend Jesus Manuel Olivas, in that way he can subtract his books and give the other book for my business partner Kenny Abarca during next DrupalCon in New Orleans. The Japanese post office said the package will be in two months in the USA, I have to choose the cheapest and slow method, due the parcel was almost about five kilograms, yeah that is a lot of manga

In the afternoon, I drink some traditional Japanese tea, with the founder of Annai my hosts during my trip in Japan, we have the opportunity to exchange experiences in our communities and a little bit about Drupal business models and how the community play a significant role in our business model.

At the evening, we meet with Luc Bézier a French Drupal guy who lives in the Philippines and his girlfriend.


Distance (steps)
Osaka (today) 17.722
Previously 480.957
Total 498.679


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