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Today, I continue with my exploration of Kansai Region, visiting the city of Nara.

I started and finished my tour of Nara in the famous Nara park, it's easy to spend two days in this gorgeous park, with several trial and lakes to enjoy the view, so, if you are a hiking person like me, this is your spot.

Inside of this park, you can found severals shrines, pagodas and temples.

As an interesting information about Nara park, I have to say that is entirely original; The park doesn't have pidgins to entertains local and tourist feeding them, instead of, they have wild deer, more than 1200, and you can buy cookies to feed them.

About attractions, I only have the physical strength to visit few of them Kōfuku-ji, Kasuga-taisha and Tōdai-ji.

Between Kasuga-Taisha and Tōdai-ji, I took the decision of climb the Mt. Wakakusa-yama, To be honest, I underestimate the 342 meters height of this mountain, I found it very steeply.


Distance (steps)
Nara (today) 21.753
Previously 458.194
Total 480.957


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