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Yesterday I wanted to return to the sightseeing activity, for that reason I tried for maximizing my coverture of Kansai Region, visiting Kyoto the ancient Imperial capital of Japan.

The trip to Kyoto takes about 90 minutes, for that reason I decided only visit the first four spot I could visit.

I started my visit at Kinkaku-ji or Temple of the Golden Pavilion

Outside the temple, I saw a map where were pointed to two nearby locations to visit by walk, that lead me to Ryōan-ji a Zen temple well preserved with lovely trails.

The third place was the best in my opinion, Ninna-ji temple a UNESCO World Heritage Site, The entry allow you walk through ancient halls and alleys.

After all that walk I was exhausted, so, I decided to find a random place to take a lunch, but after a long walk, I found the Hōkongō-in Temple, located just in from of a train station, so I decided to visit the temple and return to Osaka.

If you are interested in, see more pictures and videos about Kyoto you can check this album.


Distance (steps)
Kyoto (today) 23.233
Previously 434.961
Total 458.194


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