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Yesterday was my day 36 of my 120ish day trip; I have to say I am tired physically speaking, you know I am not 38 years old anymore :P. So, I decided to stay in my hotel until checkout time 11 a.m to do some office work to rest. I know is weird to say I will work for rest but it's true.

My hotel was "close" is Chiyoda area in Tokyo, so, I decided to walk to the Imperial Palace East Garden a vast green are in the center of Tokyo.

The park wasn't special at the end of winter, but I can image in two weeks in Sprint will be gorgeous

I continue my walk towards the Imperial Palace, again with a magnificent garden, but at the end I realize this is not an attraction the Emperor lives there, so you can't get in, some people were mad about that I didn't know why.

I ended my up day visiting again Akibara you bought some animes for friends in Latin America and a memory card replacement for my camera.

With not enough time to do something else in tourist aspect, I return to the hotel to spend some hours in the lobby watching a movie and planning my visit to Indonesia, looks like I will visit Jakarta and Bali.

At night, I took a bus to Osaka, was a special bus with three seats per row all independent and you can almost lay down, also do you have curtains to have some privacy. The trips take 8 hours, and I slept all the trip, I don't know the rest of passengers because I am sure I snore, sorry about that folks.


Distance (Kilometers)
Seoul, South Korea → Tokyo, Japan 1.154
Previously 25.070
Total 26.224


Distance (Kilometers)
Tokyo, Japan → Osaka, Japan 503
Previously 0
Total 503


Distance (steps)
Tokyo (today) 16.129
Previously 410.985
Total 427.114


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