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Yesterday was my day 35 in my 120ish travel trip; I am not complaining, but my body felts a little tired, how I notice that usually I sleep only 6 hours or less and yesterday I overslept. So, I decided to stay longer in my room and review some work I have pending.

After taking a great lunch, I decided to go to Tsukiji Fish Market, originally I have the plan to be there about 5 am, I am glad now I got overslept, because, the market is close one day a month and yesterday were that day of the month. I will visit when I return to Tokyo.

With my plan altered I just found a Buddhism temple, this the first temple I found in Japan, it's weird because, in theory, more that 60% of people is Buddhism.

The next stop was at the Museum of Innovation and Science or Miraikan, they have a lot of future usages of technology usage. The most impressive thing, is a 10 minutes demo of Asimo robot and other robots.

To finish my day, I accept and invitation by Ken Taguchi to visit the headquarters of Digital Circus one of the biggest Drupal shops in Japan. We the opportunity to talk about Drupal business, community, console and off course Drupal elections.


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Tokyo (today) 18.607
Previously 392.378
Total 410.985


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