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Yesterday started as a quite day, I was a little worry about I could buy my bus ticket to Osaka, in the website they were sold out.

Fortunately Kyoko Ohtagaki helps me to make a reservation on an online site, but, the adventure doesn't end there, I have to to a convenience store to use a machine with multifunctional functions to print and pay my bus ticket.

The machine was there, and she send me some instructions, check below, but all is in Japanese, so was so scary, because, what are the changes to screw the process following a Japanese guide? Thanks to the convenience store staff they help and they were a little confuse too and like after 10 minutes I got my ticket, and I am ready to go to Osaka.

The weather in Tokyo change and was sunny and warm about 8-celsius degrees, so I decided to try again to see the Tokyo skyline from Tokyo Government Office, check the results

Looking a place to lunch, I decided to talk towards Meiji Jingu Shrine located in a beautiful park next to the famous Shibuya

To end my date, I visit the CI&T offices in Japan, where I did a session about Drupal 8 introduction and a session about Drupal Console to the local team.

In CI&T offices were the CEO and founder Cesar Gon and Leonardo Mattiazzi VP, Innovation at CI&T, really nice folks I have to say.

I didn't know, but after the session, they have a night of wine and dinner to say goodbye to the current office, because they are expanding their operation in Japan and will change the office in three months, was a great night.


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