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My stage in South Korea is about to finish, the day before was full of loneliness, due Yersika continue with his trip and departure to Japan and a two days stop before she continues to Australia.

With no plans in my agenda, I keep doing some campaign with my friends for my Drupal Association candidature.

I took a brunch in Gwangjang Market on my way to Dongdaemun Design Plaza

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza looks like a spaceship outside and inside is the more beautiful building I saw in my life. Inside there are two levels of shops with original designs about everything, like bags, bikes, cloth, suitcases, etc.

The more interesting shop I saw was a business that prints a person or persons in a 3D model, but the result is almost inside perfect in detail.

I am not a shopping person, but I was tempted to buy some stuff more than one time, I have to content myself saying, OK you don't' need that or ok buddy you still have to visit like 12 more airports, you don't have to carry that.

In my return, by accident, I get inside Euljiro Underground Pedestrian Arcade under the downtown area line 2. It's located from Dongdaemun Historic & Culture Park to City Hall with an extension of 3.3 km, and I walked about 2.5 km.

The pedestrian arcade is so convenience to walk in winter and summer, inside you could find almost everything, from food, clothes, printing companies or digital lockers, so was a lucky accident.

In the curious information of Korea, today I saw Korean public toilets and on the street I notice a golden mark in bronze, later I figure out they that to mark where are cables for phone, power lines of fiber optical to know where are located to do any inspection in the proper place.


Distance (steps)
Seoul (today) 15.053
Previously 329.257
Total 344.310


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