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Yesterday was a relaxed, calm and cool day in Seoul, after doing some work in the morning we departure toward a lunch with people from Penta Security, they attend the day before the Drupal Meetup and them invite me to take a meal.

After the meetup, they explain me a little but about MyDiamo, so I was interested in that product, and they explain to me that MyDiamo is an application that runs on top of MySQL or MariaDB.

I am interested in MyDiamo because they provide encryption in the database in column level, that helps to protect information among database users and protect yourself, because, if you got hacked, the sensitive information would not be accessible. Implementations of this have a lot of value in a vast spectrum of business; I will try it in deep and investigate to use with Drupal 8 soon and maybe create a session to talk about this soon.

In the afternoon, guided by Jiyoung Yun we visit the Gangnam District.

She explains us a little bit about South Korean culture. Meanwhile, we walk and drink some typical Korean tea.

Our tour in Gangnam ended up at Seonjeongneung which is the burial grounds of two Joseon Dynasty Kings and one Joseon Queen.


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Seoul (today) 13.745
Previously 315.512
Total 329.257


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