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Yesterday I had the opportunity of participate in the first Drupal Camp Vietnam in Hanoi.

The event had a turnout about 170 attenders, with around 20% of women participation, caveats those numbers are my appreciation, not official stats.

In addition to my assistance, I had the option to present a session about Drupal Console project, I did this presentation in English with translation to Vietnamese by Tom Tran.

A Drupal guy for Philipines, Gerald Villorente also did a session in English with translation toVietnamese by local Docker community member, due, his session was about Docker.

The rest of the sessions were in Vietnamese, and with the help of organizers they give me a hand to understand what they were saying in their slides, also after a small talk with members of the Drupal community I learn some interested fact I want to share with you.

There is a local organization named FOSSA with the primary objective to promote the usage of free and open source software in Vietnam, because, contrary to what I thought, even Vietnam is a communist country, the government usage of FOSS is only about 20%.

The Vietnamese CMS ranking


  1. Wordpress.
  2. Nukeviet
  3. Drupal and joomla


  1. Sharepoint
  2. Liferay
  3. Nukeviet

One session I want to remark is a case study about Bayo, which is a startup-oriented to create travel community for Vietnamese people who travel around southeast Asia built in Drupal, with more that 30k user started in June 2015.

At night, I had some beers with Gerald and told me how he transform his life from a gardener in a resort in the Philippines to a Drupal Developer. All via a mentor and self-training. his is a living proof of with determination you can do an 180 degrees change in your life, all you need is passion and termination.

In conclusion, this camp was a good first DrupalCamp for their community, of course, there a lot of space to increase the Drupal penetration in Vietnam, but the realization of this kind of events is a huge jump towards that objective.

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