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After return to Hanoi, we took some time to prepare our (me and Yersika next trips.

Sadly I have to cancel my trip to Cambodia in behalf of Taiwan, to try to have a better impact on the primary goal of this journey foster Drupal 8 and Drupal 8 in Asia and Oceania.

Now, all my flight are set from South Korea, passing by Japan, China, Thailand, Hong Kong and ending in Taiwan. Also, I requested my visa to Australia.

Back in tourist aspects, we visit Hỏa Lò Prison or The Hanoi Hilton as is known in The USA.

This museum dedicated the most of their exhibitions to the usage of the prison during the French occupation against they comrades and how hard were their conditions; In the other hand, the show how the prison was used in the war against the USA and how good were their treatment for prisoners of war of the USA.

After lunch, we ended up in Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long which is a UNESCO's World Heritage Site; This museum is an important archeological spot, also have some exhibitions about the different usages of the Citadel for more than ten centuries.

We return early to the hotel to try to prepare the latest details of my presentation for DrupalCamp Vietnam.

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Hanoi (today) 15044
Previously 225.763
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