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Today I started my day visiting the team of FFW Vietnam, and we have the opportunity to talk about, They Drupal camp, community and how important for local Drupal business it has an active Drupal Community, was a good conversation.

Our first cultural spot was [The Literature Temple] which was the first University in Vietnam around 1025 A.C.

Secondly, we stop in Vietnam Military History Museum, This museum is divided into four sections:

  • Early battles in times of Kingdoms
  • French invasion and their victory.
  • War against the USA
  • Vietnam army role in their society after Vietnam unification.

The have several military material, mostly Tanks and aircraft manufactured by URSS, USA and France and use in their wars.

Was interesting be able to see their history, because, at Latin America we are exposed only to the other side of the conflict, Seeing of their wars from another point of view was very educative.

Later, We try to get into different places but due the hour there were about to close, so we just walk around the old quarter district, to finish with a lovely foot massage in our hotel.

For dinner, we hang out with Tom Tram, the Manager of FFW and organizer of the 1st DrupalCamp Vietnam, a and a friend of him.


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