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Yesterday I started my day so early in the morning. Becuase, I have to attend the Drupal Association webinar "Meet your candidates" and was between 4 am to 6 am Singapore time. Here you can see the session recorded.

To recover forces, I went with my wife right after the meeting to look for a place to take breakfast, and we find a place which looks clean and taste, the only problem they don't speak English, but, fortunately, the menu has prices and photos for any dishes. The food was cheap and delicious.

Before lunch, we reach Pixel Onion headquarters to have an informal meeting with Solihin Jinata and Joe Chin, and we have the opportunity to talk about my tour, Drupal Console and business model around Drupal workshop.

Later they invite us yersika and me) to take a delicious lunch.

To finish with our latest tourist attraction, we visit the Changi Museum where we learn a little bit about the history of Singapore in World War II and Japan invasion.

To end our day we went to Orchard road to find an Ice cream wrapped in a rainbow color bred.


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