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Yesterday we ( me and yersika) decided to explore the area to look for a Dim Sum place, and finally, we find one, the restaurant was clean, and food taste, but the waiters was a little rude.

Anyway, what is important is the food and check our breakfast.

We continue with our Singapore exploration, we move towards the train station and on our route, we found some people performing a Dragon Dance on the street, I have to say it was a lovely performance.

In the end, I understand the dance was because I new business open, a web design study of young people, so looks like youngers follow the Chinese traditions.

We return to Chinatown how to see how looks fully packed with people; we bought some practitioners chopsticks and regular chopsticks to bring back home as souvenirs.

In a border of Chinatown, we found a gorgeous Buddha template, with a lot of offence, this temple contains a Buddha's tooth as relique.

Last night 吃饭/Rat invite us to his home to lunch, and I was so happy for accepting the invitation because he offers us real Chinese food cooked by himself, how good was the food judge for this pictures.

Back into the downtown we decided to try the Skypark and his Observation deck, even that before was raining and the day was gray. Bad idea, maybe, because was really windy and drizzle time to time, wasn't cold but don't allow you take pictures pleasantly.

[picture skypark]

Give up wasn't and option, due the company only return the ticket value under typhoon condition, so we have to wait between drizzles attacks to be able to take some pictures and videos.


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