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Yesterday with all our batteries we traced our plan to try to visit and do as much as possible.

Our first stop was in Singapore Chinatown to eat a delicious Dim Sum for a reasonable price.

After our breakfast, we continue to the Embassy of Indonesia. Why, well at the past DrupalCon in India and couple conversations with some members of the community, I realise that will be more valuable regarding the objectives of my [trip](( exchange New Zealand by Indonesia. For that reason I went to that embassy to try to get my visa.

Before to continue I want to say I love the web application; The public transport works in Singapore. I never have to wait more than 3 minutes for my next ride and the application provide exact information about how and what is the fast way to reach my destination.

In the embassy, I notice the rules said MENs can't enter to the embassy in shorts and guess what I was wearing. I was ready to appeal to the security lady, but, as soon she sees my hairy legs, she provide to me a pair of sweat pants to enable me to get inside the embassy.

With the help desk for visas, I could determine that I have a present a real flight ticket to Indonesia, and I am not available to buy due I have to define my visit to the Philippines to try to participate in their Drupal Camp, so I will postpone my visa request to Vietnam at least.

To continue with our tourist mission, we take a bus towards "Gardens by the Bay", these attraction consist of a dome dedicated to flowers around the world and a dome decided to cloud forest. The architecture of the place in conjunction that everything is just beautiful makes me felt that paid $28 SGD per person is a bargain.

Inside gardens, the is a bridge with 22 meters height and 100 long that allow you the whole area with a magnificent view, the access cost 5 SGD.

We decided to find a place to direct in direct to The Merlion, and sadly we find a place in Singapore river area. A place with a nice view and good vibe, we drunk a jug of beer, and then the menu, a combination of English and Chinese. I felt in the typical scam for tourists bad food, overpriced; I have to say we pay a fortune and good looking food but tiny tiny and with a bad taste :S

With our sullied pride, we continue The Merlion, and we got good pictures, ending the day we felt still a little hunger and them we find a ramen place in Four Square, right price and excellent taste, so lesson learned, double check the final price and about confusing menus.

Back home I started to think about a technical post for my company related with Drupal 8, and I wrote the blog post Debugging Twig templates in Drupal 8 Kint.

Tomorrow I will meet with a local drupaler in the morning and at night I will participate in a Drupal Meetup Singapore and of course, try to visit a tourist place.


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Singapore (Today) 22.249
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